Wednesday Weekly Walking

scheduling provided by the Vancouver USA Volkssporters

Wednesday Weekly Walking is a fun opportunity to walk mid-week with a group of Volkswalkers with optional lunch afterwards.  Carpools may be available especially for distant walks.

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The schedule of lunch walks is below the picture.


Portland, 8/8/18

***walks begin at 10 a.m. with lunch about 2 hours afterwards (unless noted otherwise) ***

***These walks are cancelled If there is snow or ice on the sidewalks.  We normally email the list when this happens.***

The blue YRE nnn is a link you can click to get directions and more information about the walk.

*** In July and Aug, the 10K begins at 0930 while the 5K begins at 1000 ***

9:30 AM 10K, 10AM - 5K Foothills Park, Foothills Dr, Lake Oswego
Event 10k - rated 2B, 5k-rated 1A White Pickup in parking lot VUV
Manzana Grill, 305 1st St, Lake Oswego (1 km from finish)

9:30 AM 10K, 10AM - 5K The Grotto, NE Sandy Blvd and 85th Ave
Event Rated 1A The Grotto & Neighborhoods White Pickup in parking lot RCR
Namaste Indian Cuisine, 8303 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland (3 blocks from finish)

***Please note return to 10 am start time for both walks***

10:00 AM Fairview/Wood Village Fred Meyer, 22855 NE Park Ln, Wood Village 2nd entrance
YRE 2249 rated 1A Blue Lake
Bumpers Grill and Bar, 21935 NE Halsey St. Fairview (  short drive)

10:00 AM New Season Market, 1453 NE 61st Ave. Hillsboro in back of store
YRE 1182 rated 1A Dawson Creek
La Provence, 937 NE Orenco Station Loop (3 blocks away)

10:00 AM Lakeside Chalet Restaurant, 3533 NE Everett St. Camas, WA behind counter
YRE 364 rated 1B Lacamas Trail
Lakeside Chalet, 3533 NE Everett St. Camas, WA

10:00 AM Lloyd Center - Food Court, NE 12th Ave and NE Halsey St, Portland, OR
YRE 1693 rated 1A Historic Irvington
Food Court, Lloyd Center (at finish)