Wednesday Weekly Walking

scheduling provided by the Vancouver USA Volkssporters

Wednesday Weekly Walking is a fun opportunity to walk mid-week with a group of Volkswalkers with optional lunch afterwards.  Carpools may be available especially for distant walks.

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The schedule of lunch walks is below the picture.


Salish Ponds, 4/11/18

***walks begin at 10 a.m. with lunch about 2 hours afterwards (unless noted otherwise) ***

***These walks are cancelled If there is snow or ice on the sidewalks.  We normally email the list when this happens.***

The blue YRE nnn is a link you can click to get directions and more information about the walk.

10:00 AM Safeway, 4515 SE Woodstock
YRE 1192 Rated 1B Reed College Customer Service
Delta Café, 4607 SE Woodstock (1 block away)

10:00 AM Fit for Life, 5640 Hood St, West Linn
YRE 442 West Linn rated 1A
Linn City Pub, 19389 Willamette Dr (2 mile drive)

10:00 AM Starbucks, 800 NE Tenney Road # 7, Vancouver
YRE 157 rated 1A Whipple Creek behind counter
Billygan's Roadhouse, 13200 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver (  short drive)

10:00 AM Foot Traffic, 7718 SE 13th Ave Portland
YRE 2113 rated 1B Oaks Bluff Trail at counter
Reverend's BBQ, 7712 SE 13th Ave (next door)

10:00 AM Knecht's Auto, 1111 NE Cleveland, Gresham
YRE - 519 rated 1A Gresham Town at counter
Heidi's, 1230 NE Cleveland (next to finish)

10:00 AM Holiday Inn 75, 82nd Dr, Gladstone
YRE 695 rated 2A Oregon City at counter 
to be determined  

10:00 AM Sherwood Family YMCA, 23000 SW Pacific Coast Hwy Sherwood
YRE 1723 rated 1A front counter
Old Spaghetti Factory, 21192 SW Langer Farms Pkwy ( drive)

10:00 AM Black Rock Coffee, 7710 NE 5th Ave. Hazel Dell, WA
YRE 425 rated 2A/1A Hazel Dell
Jazzy John's BBQ, 512 NE 81st St, J (3 blocks away)

10:00 AM Safeway - Lake Oswego, 401 A Ave
YRE 1609 Lake, River, & Homes rated 2B
Manzana Rotisserie Grill, 305 First St, Lake Oswego (near finish)

10:00 AM West Coast Health, 7522 N Lombard St
YRE 73 St Johns rated 2A
McMenamins St Johns, 8203 N Ivanhoe, Portland (1 km away from finish)

6/27/18 - Note: changed start point for today's walk
10:00 AM Felida Park, 3798 NW 122nd St, Felida (picnic tables)
YRE 1872 rated 1B
Farrah's Bistro, 12514 NW 36th Ave (0.5 km from finish)